Fertility treatment, Round one, Day 3 of meds

I had lofty goals to blog every day of this but life has gotten in the way (which is a wonderful thing, really). 

What I can say now is that I’m on day 3 of letrazole and it’s pretty miserable. My stomach burns and when it says “may cause cramping and upset stomach” they aren’t kidding.

Two more days of the burn and we’re going to Atlanta to celebrate overnight. 

Also the hot flashes are no joke. I’m soaking through clothes. 

Headaches, check. Bloating, check. Nausea, check.

I keep reminding myself that this is all worth it. And it is, but pregnancy itself doesn’t suck as bad as being on these pills.

If I have an ovulation surge early next week I go in for an hcg shot and hopefully we’ll soon have good news to share. 

I’m really excited for the new Weight Watchers plan but I’ve mentally checked out for the week. I’m having to eat very bland food to get through the stomach issues I’m having from the letrazole. I’m not even hitting my daily points allowance but I’m trying to eat as balanced as possible.

But this weekend when we hit Atlanta all bets are off, y’all. It’ll be a perfect time to start the new program when we get back from the food Mecca of the south.  

This week I’m reminding myself that, like my favorite tea cup, I’m cracked but still useful. 

 Or something. 

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3 Responses to Fertility treatment, Round one, Day 3 of meds

  1. Good doctors who take you seriously are hard to find, but so, so worth it.

  2. violettfem says:

    Love that you’re taking good care of yourself amidst hormonal insanity. Love the tea cup too. xxoo

  3. I went through IUIs and In vitro to get pregnant. Letrozole headaches are the worst. Highly recommend ice packs at the base of the neck. Good luck!!!

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