This morning, before my entire cup of caffeine was down, I saw a news story that raised my eyebrows.

Apparently in 2011 there was a huge recall on birth control of which I was unaware. The birth controls listed included mine. Immediately I thought of the little curly topped kid I birthed and her surprise entrance into our worlds. Said kid was screaming at me from the bathroom that she was “Almost done!” Such is our life these days.

I was on the mini-pill when Matt and I began our relationship. As I listened and sipped, listened and sipped, I had the novel idea to call CVS and ask for my pharmaceutical records. What if, ya know? I wouldn’t trade her for a bazillion dollars, but I would certainly take a pay out that would cover her college tuition should she be the product of a whoops on the backs of a big company.

Don’t judge. College is expensive, y’all.

So, as I sat on hold with CVS records retrieval I listened to the customer service rep flip furiously through the paper files (wut? 2015?). I was on the phone with her a good 20 minutes before it dawned on me.

2012. Quinn was conceived in 2012.

I had a moment of full red faced embarrassment and, rather than explain how much of an idiot I am, I sheepishly hung up the phone.

Moral of the story this Thursday (it is Thursday, right?):

Caffeine before calling. Always.

I made it through my glucose screening without throwing up yesterday. Today I have to clean. It always looks like a frat house around here the day after Matt’s weekend. 

Find of the week: 

Run to your nearest Trader Joe’s and make these part of your life. Immediately. 

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