Fasting Insanity

Someone who doesn’t know may think I’m fasting and doing insanity workouts. Bwahahahahhaa no. 

I’m sitting at the fertility doctor’s office 1 1/4 of the way through a 2 hour glucose screening. I’m starving. And need caffeine. Basically I feel like I’m dying. 

The mix of women surrounding me varies. Some older, some younger. Some don’t look old enough to have babies, much less old enough to have issues having babies. 

There are a few kids in here with moms trying to keep them quiet. A cute little boy named Jude kept getting shushed by his parents and I made small talk and told them we always struggle to keep Quinn quiet in places like this. Kids see quiet places as a place to test out their lungs, I think.

Lucky for me, Matt is off today and took our monkey to the zoo.  

Yesterday we had the inspection on our new house. It does need a few things done so we are hoping that doesn’t push back closing any. 

I’m especially excited for the extra room in the living room and the big back yard.

I’ve been making super yummy dinners like this. Trader Joe’s apple Chardonnay chicken sausage with brown rice and veggies.   
Nine points plus total. 

I’ve heard that Weight Watchers is changing after the first of the year. I’m excited for the changes. Points Plus scared the crap out of everyone at the time, but I say just go with the flow. All changes have been good for me since starting the plans.

I was a little irritated this morning when I realized they were going to sit me in the waiting room to wait out my test. I chugged that disgusting orange drink and tried so hard not to throw it up (throw up, you fail). Every other test like this I’ve had done they put you in a room by yourself. I’m kind of glad I’m out here among people, though. I feel less miserable than I did when I came in here because people chatting are helping me pass the time and also keeping me encouraged. One lady just said, with tears in her eyes, that they found two sacs. My eyes got teary just hearing the joy in her voice.

This is the last test I have to have done before seeing the doctor to discuss treatment November 23rd. 

We hope we can have a teary eyed moment of joy soon. Until then, I’ll pass the time with the stack of time killers in front of me and make small talk with others fighting the same uphill climb we are.  

You guys. That ape Donald Trump can produce kids left and right but I’m sitting in a room full of people who can’t.

The world is a cruel, cruel place. 

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  1. Looking at a pic of Donald Trump is not a good way to keep yourself from throwing up πŸ˜›

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