Weigh in!

These won’t be numbered like before because really, I lose count and cuss when I have to look back and figure it out.

Not surprising, tracking my food led to a loss this week.

And what worked for me:

Tracking. It always works. There have been very few weeks along my journey that tracking truthfully didn’t lead to a loss. 

I would love to attend meetings now, but because I hope to be pregnant soon it wouldn’t make much sense because they won’t allow you to weigh in at meetings pregnant. I truly hope that is something that changes in the coming years.  I’m 100% convinced that the reason I only gained 28 pounds when I was pregnant with Quinn is due to tracking with Weight Watchers. I put myself in maintenance mode and it was the perfect number to allow me to not starve and not gain too much. Sure, I cheated at times. What pregnant women doesn’t? But it helped keep me grounded. Now straying after I had her caused me to gain further, but that’s my issue.

I miss meetings. I had some really great leaders. A few things that I’ve had to remind myself since starting tracking again, all of which came out of the mouths of leaders I’ve known:

If hunger is not the question, food is not the answer.

If you work the program part of the time, you get part of the results. If you work the program all of the time, you get all of the results.

And finally, 

Bites, Licks, and Tastes.

They add up. And I made a conscious effort not to partake in any this last week. It happens so frequently if you aren’t paying attention. One spoon of peanut butter while I’m making toast for Quinn, extra cheese for me when I’m adding it to a recipe, taking a bite of this or that throughout the day.. All of it adds up.

I’m going way back to basics. It’s worked for me before, it will work for me again. 

Who has some words of wisdom for me this week? I’m filing them away for moments of weakness.

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2 Responses to Weigh in!

  1. Trish says:

    So glad you’re going to write more often. You’ve been missed.
    Words of wisdom.
    “When you let yourself go,
    You let yourself down.”

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