Weigh in, Week 14


I have 3 very good explanations for this:

1) Eating out. We ate out 4 (5?) times this week. No matter how hard you try to track it can’t possibly be accurate unless you’re preparing your own food. I know this, but stress and comfort foods at restaurants won out this week. 

2) Beer. We had a few really good weather days and I drank bud light through a straw like old times. I forgot how quickly that can wreck a day on Weight Watchers. 

3) Stress. Quinn is having some developmental delays in her gross motor skills that I do not wish to discuss publicly at all except to say that we’re wading through the therapy waters and it’s super stressful. I’ve shed so many tears over it. Being a parent is so hard at times because you have to choose what is the best for your child while also thinking about how that decision will shape and mold her life long term. 

Because of all of these things I saw a gain, despite walking so. many. miles. this week. I’ll admit, today I haven’t done a single thing productive. It’s raining and nasty and I have a toothache and I’m over it today.

Tomorrow will be better. 

I’m cuddling with Quinn the rest of the day because I can.  


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3 Responses to Weigh in, Week 14

  1. Babs says:

    Cuddle to your hearts content because we all know that a cuddle heals most of the ills of the world. As a parent you will do what is necessary to protect and provide for your child, no matter how difficult it is. Take care and enjoy our cuddles because tomorrow is just another day.

  2. kayelleare says:

    Keep it up girlfriend ! I gained due to beer this week too….Just a hiccup in our journey πŸ™‚

  3. boredlandia says:

    Quinn looks like a total cuddle queen. I’m n love. What a sweet, sweet doll.

    Sorry for all the stress and the minor set backs with nutrition. I wish that our lives weren’t so difficult… then again, I believe we are only given what we can handle. Right now I’ve been hard at work working out on the daily. I do a home based workout by Beachbody and have done several for the past year. I signed on as a coach a few months ago and while working out and eating well I’m also able to pay down debt, pay for my childs daycare, and work towards adopting a second child. It’s really allowing me freedom both emotionally and physically as well as financially.

    That being said, my ass is still stuck at enjoying one too many cocktails on the weekends due to gorgeous weather. HOW DO WE STOP THIS?! Even working out twice as hard isn’t helping I HATE that weight loss and toning is 80% nutrition. It’s not fair… *stomps feet*

    Feel free to stalk me: https://www.facebook.com/jennifer.daiker.7

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