Fat and Back

I meant to write about this yesterday. I got busy. So busy I ate salad for dinner out of a mixing bowl.

Then I zoned out in front of TLC again. Anyway, night before last I watched Fat and Back on TLC. The premise of the show is that Katie, a well hated public figure in the UK, gains weight and loses it so she can prove that it’s “easy”.

Are you rolling your eyes yet?

I found many issues with this show.

β€’ She gained what? 43 pounds? Puh-leeze. That, as my friends in the south would say, “Ain’t shit.” And it’s not. 43 pounds that you purposely put on by eating 6500 calories a day (as she did for the show) is not the same as a person battling real weight issues. It’s not the same as having emotional eating issues. It’s not the same as having hormonal imbalances that screw with your metabolism. It’s just not the same.

β€’ Katie Hopkins is a nasty and mean person. She fat shames. She thinks being fat is the worst thing in the world. I disagree. Being a horrible person is the worst thing in the world. She thinks fat people are lazy. She needs to shut up.

β€’ She criticizes the way people lose weight. Look. Everyone has their own path to go down. Everyone struggles. I am living, breathing proof of that. I’ve given up. I’ve started again over and over. The fact remains that losing weight is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Harder than getting out of a bad marriage. Harder than quitting smoking. Harder than anything. It really feels impossible at times.

I think that Katie thought she was going to encourage people to lose weight by showing how “easy” it is. But I stand by the sentiment that shaming someone into losing weight will never work long term.

The only way to lose weight that I have found is tried in true is that you have to love yourself first. I hated myself for so long. I lost weight before out of absolute hatred for myself. I gained it back. I had to accept my body, it’s downfalls, it’s successes, it’s flaws, and then I could get myself in the right frame of mind to start again.

To anyone struggling, ignore women like Katie Hopkins. Unfortunately, there will always be people who think fat people are disgusting. There will always be people who think we are lazy.

Those people don’t matter.

Love yourself

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2 Responses to Fat and Back

  1. Thank you for writing this! I haven’t seen the show, but I read some articles about her and I felt the same way you do. It’s not fair for someone who has no issues with food, no trouble with emotional eating or actual medical reasons why they gain weight to think they can compare themselves to people who do. In fact, it’s ridiculous. Her idea that losing weight is easy makes me want to RAGE!! Like you, I agree that fat shaming doesn’t work. Working on your health and fitness has to come from within you. So glad you’re spreading that message! Keep it up!

  2. I just had to reply that I would never give a show like that any views, and I had to look up who this hag was. You know me, you know what I look like. I thought this woman was my mother’s age. She’s a year younger than me. So she can be thin all she wants, but she resembles an old leather purse passed its expiration date. Maybe I am fat, but I look like I could be her granddaughter. So who is having the last laugh now? πŸ˜€

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