Burrito Happy Holidays

Chipotle is 30 miles away from us.

I repeat-

Chipotle is THIRTY DAMN MILES away.

We went last night. It’s also the slowest Chipotle on the planet. Our friendly neighborhood Chipotle in Atlanta was on top of things. It was busy, but they were fast. This one just doesn’t care. Quinn was getting antsy in line.

I haven’t had a huge appetite lately. I knew we were going yesterday so I prepared myself mentally. I saved room. We used to live within walking distance to 2 Chipotle’s, so we went all the time. When we finally got up to order I skipped my usual burrito bowl and went for a big ass vegetarian burrito. And I finished every bite of it.
It felt good to stuff my face with something so delicious and familiar. I waiting until I got home to take my metformin because the side effects can be rough. It sounds crazy to drive an hour round trip for a burrito but it was so worth it.

Although they need to step it up, because they have big ass bathrooms and no changing tables.

Seriously. You could park my old Smart Car in the bathroom, but they can’t install a changer on the wall? What.

We have decked our halls. I’m trying to focus on things that will give us happiness minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. It would be so easy to fall into a tunnel of grief and cry 23 hours a day, but it’s almost Christmas. We’re alive. We have a healthy child. We have so much to be thankful for this year. And Quinn is totally getting the magic of the season this year. She squeals at the sight of Rudolph and Santa.




No lie, Rudolph was on repeat in our car for days until the other day when I snuck away for a pedicure. I changed the station and found this gem.

I loved that song.
But about that pedicure (another “this will make me happy right now” thing I did for myself the other day)-

You know how you leave the nail salon in the little foam slippers when you forget to wear flip flops? Well, this is what that looks like in Indiana in November.

And this is what it felt like outside

(She was crying because she didn’t want to come inside)
And this is how excited I am about holidays with my little family.

Jingling our bells over here, y’all. Weighing in tomorrow morning. I think I’m going to try out a trial on an at home workout thing, too. We tossed around the idea of joining a gym but eh..
I’ll report more on that tomorrow.

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