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Real talk: The Right Stuff by New Kids came on the local radio station here the other day. We have noticed that they play all the hits from 5 years ago in the rest of the world, maybe 3 years ago. The 3ish years ago songs bring us back to the beginning of our relationship so that’s fun.

I’m writing this because I haven’t in a while. I haven’t really felt like writing anything lately. I feel so unorganized and like I am in a constant state of attempting to get my shit together. Our house is much bigger than the apartment we moved from. I’m having a hard time keeping up with it. I’m thisclose from hiring someone to clean it for me, making me the worst stay at home mom in the world. The problem is that everything is so far away from us and we stay go go going all week. I know a lot of the running around will get better when we buy another car, which should happen in a month or so. I’m up and down in the middle of the night and at all hours to drop Matt off at work and it’s draining. I also get really overwhelmed with laundry, which is silly. But there’s so. much. of. it. I had been doing something completely ridiculous and washing constantly and I think I’ve decided to pick a day a week and wash everything. Then fold it and put it away the next day. Matt has enough work clothes to stretch the week, I have enough to get by, and Quinn has 10 times the clothes of both of us, so we can survive that way. I know it sounds dumb but the laundry is in the finished basement and nothing is down there right now. So it’s a total chore to go up and down the stairs, find somewhere safe to leave Quinn while I do it (high chair? Crib? Closet?? Kidding about the last one), and lug everything up and down. Lowe’s is coming tomorrow to measure for new carpet down there and that will help some once we furniture shop and move 3/4 of Quinn’s toys down there. Then we can hang out and do laundry down there.

Yes, I just wrote all that about laundry. I miss the simplicity of our tiny one bedroom apartment with the laundry/kitchen/dining/living room all smushed together. It made things easier.

Anyway. My mom was in town this weekend because she’s opening a music studio in Alabama. She was at a workshop at Goshen College and we got to go check out a trial class. I didn’t take any pictures inside because we were guests at the class and the instructor was being graded on her teaching, but we did take awesome pictures outside in the maple leaves.
Fun fact: Goshen, Indiana is known as the Maple City, and maple trees are everywhere. They are also beautiful when the leaves turn.



Then we went to my nephew’s birthday party at a local bowling alley.


She desperately wanted to join in the fun, but the ball wouldn’t budge.
We had to leave early to go get Matt from work. I was very glad to see him. We miss him when he’s gone. He’s now a certified conductor so we’re all “choochooo! How much does this trip pay!?” when the phone rings since training pay is a thing of the past now.

We are lucky. Blessed. Whatever you want to call it. Someone commented the other day that it’s remarkable what we’ve accomplished in a couple short years. Really it is. We’re living the American Dream over here, so if the laundry piles up a little due to living life that’s ok with me. I remember when I used to scour blogs and see everyone with their perfectly coiffed homes and children and husbands and think “must have!”. Now?

I just told Quinn to stop drinking the bath water for the 500th time while I’m typing this from the comfy seat of a closed toilet and I almost had a heart attack while checking whether her “toot, mama!” produced a little floating friend in the tub. Thankfully, it didn’t. Whew.

I often don’t blog anymore because I feel like nothing I do is important enough to to tell anyone about anymore, but that’s as silly as a paragraph about laundry. I want to document these times. I don’t want to forget little things like playing peekaboo behind a Dollar General fish shower curtain with Quinn in the tub.


Or how she looks like Ace Ventura after her bath when I dry her hair. We’re working on saying “Alrighty then!”

She already sings Ice Ice Baby.

Or how my eyes welled up when I saw on time hop that 2 years ago Matt came here for good.

We’ve come so far and have so many good things ahead of us. So, I’ll write stuff. It may not always be terribly interesting and it may not be relatable to anyone but me, but I’ll keep on going.

Later, y’all. Ace Ventura needs to go to bed.


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  1. I love reading your blog! It reminds me of me, several years ago, home with my firstborn. I have always loved dressing my kids nicely when I took them out and about, and seeing Quinn in her adorable outfits is so seriously cute. I now have a grand daughter who resembles her. My husband travels a lot for his job too, he is leaving again tomorrow for a week in France. I hold down the fort with 9 kids still at home…anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I like your blog, your little girl is adorable, and that I miss those blissful days…

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