We are unpacking little by little. Today I gave myself a goal of boxes to unpack. When I was done I called my friend Michelle for a nice long chat. It was just what I needed. I went to the amish bakery down the road from our house.

This sign and the smell of baked goods welcomed me-

I got goodies. Then I came home, kissed Matt goodbye for his first real day out on the train, and Quinn and I had PJ and unpacking day. I may have taken Dolce out potty in my tank top and sponge bob square pants pajama shorts. Hey neighbors!
Quinn ate strawberries like we never feed her.

Then she perfected her selfie.



We played all day in between unpacking and organizing.


I’m working on her nursery. I pinterested hot air balloons out of paper lanterns. She is super impressed with them and says “touch boons”, so she’s pretty much a baby genius.
This morning we had breakfast on the back deck.



Matt found frogs and was squealing like a girl when they jumped around.

In an effort to save them and set them free in the grass, he scooped them up in a bowl. They jumped 20 feet to the basketball court below. He freaked. Silly British boy thought they were dead. I laughed at him when he went down to give them a proper burial and they leaped away.
It’s chuckles all day at our house. I’m pretty sure our neighbors are like this-

Our neighbors (who we have waved at and said hello to, with no response) must think we’re crazy.

They’d be right.

Moving into a new house is exhausting. It’s all coming together, though. And feeling a little more like home.



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2 Responses to Leapfrog

  1. jacksht says:

    That first photo puts the “amish” in “famished”. Sorry, that’s all I got… except for this dire warning: that lil cutie is gonna be dating before you know it. PREPARE YOURSELF!

  2. Looks like you guys are setting in! Congrats on the move, especially so close to a bakery as awesome as that one looks.

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