Leaving Atlanta

Some places you just move your stuff in and sleep, not really making it a home. Our building is made up of mostly young professionals that have minimum furniture and maximum business and social lives. Everyone is busy all the time here. When I moved here I lived a very different life than I do now. I worked a lot and just wanted to be close to malls, bars, and food. I was very materialistic and blew money like I blow my nose. I was in the right place for it. A lot has changed since 2011. Now I’m proud to say I’m the goodwill queen!
It’s safe to say I found myself here. I was in a bad relationship and spent many nights on the roof of the parking deck just to get away from it all. Staring at the Buckhead skyline from up there helped me clear my head. When it got really bad I spent many nights on the cold bathroom floor crying my eyes out and agonizing over what to do next. I felt very alone in a big place. My only peace was work, and that really saved me. It’s impossible not to be happy when you have a bubbly toddler to spend your days with. And when my bad relationship ended (because I finally had respect for myself and said hit the road, jack!) and I was left with nothing but a chihuahua, cheese grits and bud light, they fed me at work. I will be forever grateful to my nanny family, and my little B. She taught me a lot more about life than I taught her.
Matt and I made an empty apartment into our home, piecing together furniture from all over the place. He ran down the hall in his underwear to make me laugh. This was our fancy honeymoon suite after our courthouse wedding. Quinn came home here. We grieved here when he got the call from England that his Grampy had passed away suddenly. Quinn crawled here for the first time. It’s full of memories.
When I look around our apartment-the one that people thought we drastically overpaid for, the one that people asked why we wanted to stay in because it was so close to Marta, crime, traffic, etc- I see our life. We LIVED here. Every wall, corner, light, and especially the windows that Quinn loved so much we have used right up. We got our money’s worth and then some. How do you put a price on the place your life really began? Priceless. Home is where the heart is, but a big part of our heart will stay right here in 318. It was most definitely where I finally grew up and got myself the life I never thought I deserved. There’s a tree outside our window that was just a baby when I moved in, still held up with rope to keep it steady. It now towers way above our 3rd floor window, no steadying needed. That’s how I feel now, and I sure didn’t feel that way when I moved in. Thanks for the friends, memories, love, and life lessons, Atlanta. See you again. Excited for the future.
The Smiths







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