Greetings from the night shift

We’re back from from a week+ long trip to Indiana. Matt had some work stuff to do for his new job and we had to house hunt. Being away from home totally spoiled Quinn. Most nights went like this

Because who can let their baby cry and keep a whole house full of people up? Not I. We are moving in 2 weeks and staying with my mom and dad while Matt is in training for his new job and I’m pretty sure she’ll sleep with me there, too. So getting her to sleep in her crib tonight has been a challenge. I’m worried about all the moving around and disrupting her schedule but I keep telling myself it will be ok. I was getting used to sleeping through the night and so was she. One day again soon…

House hunting in Indiana was rough. It’s just different than it is here. In Atlanta you can drive into any nice neighborhood throw a rock and hit a rental home. The selections in Indiana were blah. I don’t really want to live in a 90 year old house by an abandoned gas station, thanks. We would find a house that looked great and get to the fine print and read no pets. Dolce the 3 pound wonder pet is personally offended. Some of those 90 year old houses surely have rats bigger. We looked at apartments but, because Matt will be working on call 24/7 with a 2 hour notice, sleep is important. We’re spoiled here . We live in a concrete building and barely hear our neighbors. Anyone who has lived in stick built apartments knows the BOOMBOOMBOOM of kids running well. And that will be our kid soon, and surely the kids above us if we chose an apartment there. We need a house. We are working with a realtor that knows what we want because she lived in Tennessee and knows southern real estate. The first realtor that took us around took us to a part of town that made the places I used to have to go for the trucking job look fancy. One house I refused to get out of the car. Matt went in the house and said his parents would weep if he lived there. That pretty much sums it up. So the search continues.

We got to spend time with my niece and nephews and Quinn loved it. Being close to them will make the move easier, for sure.

We had a scary night where she had an awful cough and gasped for air that resulted in a very fast drive to the emergency room. A croup diagnosis, a steroid shot, and a rare nap on my chest later and we were all better.

She rarely ever falls asleep on us. She also fell asleep on Matt on the way home from Chicago on the train.

We cherished every second because she’s not that baby. She falls asleep while nursing but rarely just from her being held. But Chicago!

Chicago being a short train ride away from where we will be living helps fill my need to be close to a big city.




Quinn had lots of firsts on this trip. First big train ride

First ice pop

First taste of s’mores

Matt had his first taste of s’mores, too. Weird how some things just aren’t big in the UK.


I’m struggling with this move. I’m so thankful and excited for Matt’s new job. I realize people wait a lifetime for an opportunity like the one he has and for that, I’m grateful. It is extremely hard to leave our home, though. Especially to leave and move to a place I would have never chosen to live otherwise. I’ve always had the luxury of living where I wanted to live instead of where I had to live. It’s different being in this position and I have a newfound respect for anyone who has to relocate for a job, especially military. When you just have to take what’s available, it can suck a little. Home is where you make it, right? We just have to get through this move and we’ll make it. I have moments of instant tears rolling down my face because I’m sad to leave here. For a while I wasn’t sure Matt understood and I was feeling very down about it. Then he put his hand on my leg and told me it’s ok to be sad. I needed to hear those simple words from him. It is ok and it will be ok.

Speaking of Matt, 2 years ago today he flew into America for the first time. Read our story here. He still gives me butterflies and I’m so lucky to have him and Q in my life. What a difference 2 years makes!

So there’s an update. The next 2 weeks will be crazy and emotional and busy, so I’ll update when I can. I did quit Weight Watchers and am actually happy to say I haven’t weighed myself at all. I’m thankful for the break and am focusing on these big changes and my family right now. I’m sure I’ll start back on some kind of plan doing something soon enough but right now I’m over it for a while.

And my little one is finally asleep. Night friends!

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2 Responses to Greetings from the night shift

  1. Staysail says:

    I’ve never been to Indiana..but I do come from a military family and also recently (year and a half ago) picked up and moved to Nashville all alone with my 8lb dog. It will be much easier (I hope) for you to make friends with a child, there are so many groups for women with kids, especially stay-at-home Moms. So, maybe this move will help with the lack of nice ladies in Atlanta problem! I suggest if you’re not on there already. I met almost all of my friends here through different meetup groups, but there are DEFINETLY tons for Moms πŸ™‚ Keep your head up. The South will always be here πŸ™‚

  2. Chicky says:

    Hopefully you’ll be able to find other day or weekend trips so you can experience more outside of Indiana. I grew up in Ohio and get what you are up against. A few trips you might like (if you travel towards Ohio): visiting Lake Erie (take the ferry over to Put-In-Bay), Amish Country (ironically they have a great winery….Breitenbach Winery; this is best visited in the fall when the leaves change color), and Easton Town Center (gigantic outdoor mall in Columbus that many out of towners like).

    Best of wishes on your move and house hunt. I’m also curious as to how life without WW goes. I’m considering quitting myself! (As of today, I’m starting over on my weight loss efforts. Such a struggle but absolutely worth it.)

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