We Christmas’d

And boy, did we do it big.



Naturally, we could’ve just let her play with the paper and she wouldn’t have minded.

Quinn played speed racer down the halls.

My parents came to spend time with us. I loved having them here to see Quinn open her presents!

Daddy took a little floor nap while Quinn rolled around on the floor beside him.


That last picture is my favorite. Quinn rarely falls asleep on me in a lit room or unless she’s nursing. It was like her little Christmas present to me, late at night after a full day of fun. She cuddled up to me and drifted off. I just sat there smelling her sweet little baby smell. We had such a great first Christmas. I hope you all did, too!

I’m phoning it in until the first of the year. Then, after many suggestions from you lovely people and many others (and after reading Wheat Belly) I’m going gluten free.

Yes, hell just froze over. Join the fun January 1st!

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4 Responses to We Christmas’d

  1. Katie says:

    Hey I think going low carb is a great idea– I might just join you in this fight! This could be the hardest thing I’ve done since figuring out how to raise a kid! :). Glad you guys had a very merry Christmas!! Let us know if you’re ever in the Athens area!

    • runrollrepeat says:

      Thanks Katie! We need to plan a trip up when the weather is nice enough to stroll around campus. So far it’s not so bad, just tedious looking everything up because gluten is hiding in everything!

  2. Staysail says:

    So cute! I love that caterpillar! Beautiful!

    • runrollrepeat says:

      Thanks! It’s from Costco! Originally she rocked on a unicorn there but we wanted something unisex for a potential boy in the future.

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