27 down

No one runs in my family.

I am not built like a runner.

My bones aren’t weightless.

My legs aren’t gazelle-like.

As a child, no one ever said,

“Now that one…she’s going

to be a runner.”

I am not a marathon runner.

But, I know that no one

is a marathon runner until

they actually run one.

– Nike ad I saw quoted on another blog

My life has been entirely too busy the last few weeks. I have sucked at blogging and half-ass marathon trained. That stops today and the word “no” enters back in to my vocabulary. I am the “yes” girl most times, always doing whatever anyone needs of me whenever. I have to say no more (I was on a roll before, don’t know what changed) so I can focus more on my own goals.
Half marathon training gets back in full force this week with NO missed workouts (missed one last week and still mad at myself for it). I also need to book my room for the half in January. I need to work on my speed to ensure I keep my average mile under 16 minutes, which means I’m going to have to trust my body and my heart monitor and run more. My run/walk may keep me under the limit but to ensure I finish and things like bathroom breaks or water breaks don’t get me carried to the end with no medal to look forward to, I need to shave time.

Also, I know I haven’t done my full 5k review with pictures. I promise to work on that this weekend.

The great news is I’ve lost a couple more pounds bringing my grand total to 27lbs lost. I’m very proud of myself and I finally got my 25lb charm! I am thisclose to my 10% and hope I don’t jinx myself by saying I hope I hit it this week.

I have some goals for the week to keep me motivated:

1) blog daily, keeps me motivated and aware of my progress.

2) do not miss one single workout. Period. Make the time. I feel better when I work out.

3) track track pretrack and plan. This is what helped me last week, i measured and tracked and planned and obsessed, and it paid off on the scale. I plan to do the same this week and hope to have the same results.

4) try not to stress. Meditate. Deep breaths and count to 500 if that’s what it takes. Stress is not good for me. And stressing over work stuff is just stupid.

5) buy myself something pretty Tuesday to celebrate my 25lb loss. For so long I was so fat and convinced myself that I didn’t deserve nice clothes and things for myself. Well I do. And to celebrate my hard work and results without a food reward is a huge step for me. Food is not a reward. Food is not a reward. Food is not a reward.

I’m excited to start the week!

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6 Responses to 27 down

  1. Erin says:

    Go Cyndi! 27 pounds is a HUGE accomplishment and you deserve a non-food reward!

    Are we going to get to see some before and after pictures??

    • runrollrepeat says:

      Thanks! I have before and after pictures kind of but I’m waiting until I lose 50lbs. I think I’m going post progress pictures in 50lb increments:)

  2. Kristen says:

    Keep up the good work Cyndi! I love your plan to reward yourself… most people would splurge on cheesecake or something, but I think you have the right idea! I cant wait to see before and after pictures!

    • runrollrepeat says:

      Thanks! On diets before I always rewarded myself with a big meal or special dessert. I remember looking forward to vacations at Disney saying to myself “I’m going to lose 25 lbs before I go and then eat whatever I want while I’m there”. The up and down was killing me.

  3. Michelle says:

    I knew you could do it 🙂

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